Selling your house can come with a lot of contingencies and requirements. “Fix this… repair that.” Buyers can be demanding in this real estate market. Sure, doing repairs increases the value of your home, but the big question is, is it really worth it? Below we’ll analyze some of the most common remodeling projects and their return on investment (ROI).

bathroom remodel

1. Bathroom Remodel – ROI 102%

Bathrooms are one of the most common projects completed before selling a home. The typical cost is around $10,500 and returns $10,700. A bathroom provides the greatest return on investment of any other remodel.

Landscaping can make a home pop!

2. Landscaping – ROI 100%

Making the outside of your home look pleasant is the first task that should be completed when planning to sell your property. Professional landscaping costs an average of almost $5,000!


3. Kitchen Remodel – ROI 98.2%

A kitchen remodel can improve the overall feel of a house. A typical kitchen remodel can cost nearly $15,000 and can involve updating appliances, changing cabinetry and replacing countertops.


4. Exterior Improvements – ROI 95.5%

Replacing siding or repainting brick exterior surfaces, replacing the entry door and painting trim. Average cost is around $7,239 for this type of repair.


5. Attic Bedroom Conversion – ROI 93.5%

Converting an attic into an additional bedroom can increase your property values. The average cost is nearly $40,000!



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