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Use aerial solutions to elevate your sales to a  whole new level.

Custom Editing

Pictures and videos are edited for the highest quality

Quick Turn Around

No matter the time frame, we can work on your schedule.

Trust Certified Professionals

Droners.io Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
FAA Part 107 compliant

Only the best photos and 

Sina Solutions provides customers with better, more sophisticated options for aerial videos and photography. Aerial photos show a view that changes the way your potential customers will look at your property. Videos incorporate motion and sound to evoke more emotion and make the property more appealing to potential buyers.

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Trust the 

All of our pilots are licensed to fly by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Don’t trust just anyone to take photos of your property. We’re licensed and insured. We have the artists eye to obtain the best photos and videos from the sky.

Highlight locations near the property

Location, Location, Location

The three rules in real estate are Location, Location and Location! What better way to show off location than with an aerial photograph outlining the surrounding schools, offices, and amenities.

Expand your business with more sellers!

73% of home sellers are more likely to work with an agent that uses drone footage

Close more deals!

Deal closings increased by 63% of agents using drones

Get more Interested buyers!

Companies have seen more than 400% increase in views on listings with videos

Fast forward your sales!

MLS statistics show drone footage helps agents sell 68% faster than homes without drone footage!

Straight forward, simple pricing. No surprises!

Small Package

A single set of 5 photos of the exterior of the property

Basic Package

15 photos showing various views of exterior of the property

Video Package

Full 30 second video showcasing exterior views

VIP Package

20 photos of the exterior and a 30 second video of the exterior

Do you only want the minimum?

One Hour Package

Get all the photos and video clips taken in an hour of flight time.
No edits, no issues.

Maximize Quality

with Drone Photography

More dramatic views

Generate a sense of awe that grabs the attention of your customers and makes them list

Highlight Property Features

A sky view can show off features on the property all in one shot. With viewers constantly moving, you have to capture your audiences interest in just a split second.

Beat out your competition

In the modern age, you need to stand above your competition, and aerial photos and videos help you fly above your ground-based competition

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